The Sapphire Pegasus Awards would like to announce collaboration with Women in Corporate Aviation Association( WCA). The Award is endorsed already by the EBAA, AFBAA, CEPA and BACA professional business aviation organizations. With the gained experiences on both sides of the ocean the worldwide program will be modified and improved where needed. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards take place twice a year honouring and celebrating  winners in Europe and in Caribbean region.

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are a unique series of International Business Aviation Awards, they are given for outstanding performance by companies or individuals in the business aviation sector. The Finalists are nominated by companies, individuals or by themselves. The entries are selected and judged by an Advisory Board, which represents business aviation professionals from different sectors of the industry. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are for outstanding performance of companies, teams and business individuals from the EMEA region and Russia. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are presented during a prestigious Gala dinner organized in some of European metropoles.

Women in Corporate Aviation is a group of aviation professionals founded in 1993 during the very first Women in Aviation Conference. WCA involves aviation professionals from many sectors in aviation such as flight department personnel, FBO managers, writers, students, training center professional and many others who work together to promote opportunities for women in aviation. WCA ladies have networked and promoted career opportunities in business aviation since beginning and they became mentors and role models to the next generation of aviation professionals.

The conception of the Award to honor the elite of Business Aviation, as well as the worldwide organization of the events is handled by Media Tribune marketing and PR agency in Prague, Czech Republic. The Sapphire Pegasus Award trophy is created in hours of handmade work by the glass masters of Moser; Moser Bohemian crystal is worldwide unrivalled, same as the glassworks itself and its designers.